Support Model

Supported Living

Supported living services enable adults with a disability to live independently in their own home, with appropriate support to help them manage their own tenancy and achieve greater freedom and control in their lives. Support can be provided in a person’s own house, their flat or in a shared living environment.

The services we provide can range from occasional visits from a support worker, flexible support during the day or in the evening, overnight and/or at weekends, right through to 24 hours a day. Some services might be shared if more than one person with support needs live together.

Your Home

Your home is important to you and Accede Support value that.

We can help you find the right home for you.

We can support you to secure and manage your own tenancy agreement.

You can choose your own furniture and decorations with our support.

You can live on your own in a house, flat or place of your choice.

You can live in a house you share with other people.

Support Model
Support Model

Fully Trained Staff

Our staff are fully trained and take a person-centred approach to planning and delivering each individual’s support. This means that, when we work with a person and their family and circle of support, we listen to what they want and what matters to them, so they are always at the very heart of conversations and decisions about their support, and how it is planned and provided. Together, we create a unique and tailored ‘personal support plan’ for each individual, that outlines the type of support they receive, how much and how often. We provide supported living services in South Yorkshire, Barnsley.

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